Just a quick update about sports and parties.

Did you actually say to yourself, did she just mention parties? I must have misread that because there is no way that she would be social and go to parties. It’s true, I happened to wander into a room where one was going on and had to immediately assume wall-flower defensive poses.

One of the goals of Peace Corps is to bring Guyanese culture to America, while another is bringing American culture to Guyana. I’m not sure if guacamole can be called a part of American culture, but I am going to claim it. Here, they call avocados pears… which can be confusing. But, one day I decided to make some guacamole with an avocado I was given. I walked into a PC get-together and was handed an avocado. It immediately reminded me of the episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor tells Rose to bring a banana to a party… except, I had a pear. I lost some of you, didn’t I?


Anyway, I let my HF try the guacamole and they absolutely loved it. It was gone in less than 15 minutes and let me tell you, those avocados are not small. I’ve had to make it four times since then and sometimes I get a knock on my door at 9 pm to make it. So does that count as Peace Corps Goal 2? Maybe.

I finally was able to download some of my pictures since I’ve been here, so I wanted to do a quick post to show you whats been happening. September was education month, indigenous heritage month, and the start of school sports. The sports started in September, then we had inter-school sports in October, and now nationals are coming up. We actually have students who are going to nationals (for long jump, swimming, running, and throwing)! Its cool because we have such a tiny school and I’m proud of our students.

On a more exciting note, Diwali is Tuesday… or Wednesday. It really depends upon who you ask. Don’t ask me to explain it, please. Its confusing. But its the Hindu Festival of Lights (Tangled, anyone?) so I’m hoping to be able to get a lot of really pretty pictures. Then three weeks from now is Thanksgiving! A lot of volunteers are getting together in multiple locations, but Haley and I decided to have our own Thanksgiving, or Friendsgiving I guess. I’m excited to plan the menu, maybe make some holiday decorations with whatever we can find, and of course take pictures. I’ll post our menu later!

Hope you enjoy the photos.


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