Almost There

We’re officially volunteers and yet we’re still in training. There are only a few days left, but I think that we are all just so excited to finally get to our sites. It makes it difficult to stay engaged. But on a positive note, the hotel we are staying at is very nice. If anyone wants to visit me in Guyana, I have a living list of places you can stay. If you want to stay in the capital, sort of, the Grand Coastal is the place to be. The rooms are beautiful (or at least mine was) and it has a pool with a waterfall, “grand” staircase, workout room, and restaurant. It’s painted yellow and green, then laid out in a way that just reminds me of a Disney World hotel (like Riverside). The manager was also very attentive to my allergy, which is a rarity here. When the staples of the Guyanese diet are so gluten-centric, it’s difficult for them to understand an inability to eat their favourites (like roti, bake, and cubes which they use to season everything).

On Wednesday, I will finally get to see where I will be living for the next two years. Although I visited my site, there were tenants that hadn’t moved out… which meant that I had no idea what my place looked like on the inside. Or if I even had a bed (update: I did not originally have a bed). I don’t need much, but at least a bed or hammock would be nice. Everything else I can purchase in time.

Update: I moved into my new place and currently have little more than a bed frame, mattress, table, and two chairs. Legitimately, the only other stuff I have is what I packed three months ago. Once I acquire a stove, maybe a mini fridge and someplace to put my clothes other than my suitcase.. I will talk about my new place and post pictures.


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